Notes For Tomorrow

OCTOBER 3 2020 – JANUARY 20, 2021

The Yard invites you, your friends, and family to:

  1. Buy some stamps at the post office
  2. Write us a note or postcard with a short message of hope for the future
  3. Mail it to us at: 1010 N. Logan Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80909
  4. Include a return address

Beginning October 3,  we will program the messages we receive from you onto a 12ft-long, scrolling LED sign we’ve installed in our front yard. With this small gesture, we hope to  support the USPS ahead of the November election by encouraging people to buy stamps and send mail. We want to give vision to the future and help to manifest that which we want to see: possibility and hope.

The submissions we receive for this project will be scanned and compiled into a broadside later this fall to send back to those who participated. Notes for Tomorrow is a collaboration between Jody Joyner, Ben Kinsley, and Jessica Langley and is supported by a grant from the INSITE Fund, administered by RedLine Contemporary Art Center and made possible by the The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.