GEORGE P. PEREZ: Ripe lemons, Revisited

Ripe lemons, Revisited
AUGUST 24 – NOVEMBER 23, 2018


George P. Perez’s practice deals in everyday mundane scenarios with a motive to critique social and cultural familiarities. He utilizes photography as a means of visual foundation, which at times presents a social-interdisciplinary practice. Perez’s work has morphed into combining photography with sculptural forms in hopes to blur the lines between the traditional and contemporary medium of photo. A narrative is often seen that critiques current values in today’s society, exposing other perceptions of banal circumstances.

For The Yard, Perez constructed faux boulders and re-presented drawings directly onto the sculptural forms. These drawings were collected from children and parents that he worked with during a commissioned project for the Denver Children’s Museum in which he invited visitors to draw pieces of furniture from memory to create a first-time modular sculpture piece. He used photography techniques to explore the fleeting nostalgia in common artifacts. Working within the confines of an outdoor domestic space and looking at what is acceptable as pleasant yard motifs, Perez presented works that explored the habitual, ubiquitous, and familiar aspects of our neighborhood that we take for granted by looking into our motives to present monumental aspects of landscape as pleasing visual decor.

George P. Perez has exhibited throughout CO and nationally including: (Un)Clothed, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO, 2013; Archetype Drift, Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL, 2013; BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS, GOCA121, Colorado Springs, CO, 2015; Monumental, Redline, Denver, CO, 2016; Visitation, grayDuck Gallery, Austin, TX, 2016. Alum Redline Resident, 2014-2016, has participated as a CCI presenter with M12 Collective and Platteforum. Perez completed an Artist-in-Residence at The Denver Children’s Museum in Jan of 2018 and is currently a Photo Facilitator for Working Assumptions, A nonprofit based out of Berkley CA promoting youth voice.